Can I hide my petition from your public lists and google? Can I hide my petition while it is under construction? Can I edit my petition?

Yes. Just log in and click on "My Petitions" in your control panel. Please browse all the links in your toolbox as these provide detailed information regarding your petition management options. To edit the text of your petition click on the link "Edit petition details". To link to a primary website or edit your nominated website link, click on "Edit preferences". To add documents, links, photos or video to your petition click on "Format my petition". You will also find other helpful links in your toolbox to help you manage your petition's content.

To hide your petition (because it is under construction or because you only want it circulated to a private group or because your petition is closed and you want it removed from our lists, or because of other privacy concerns), click on "Edit preferences", scroll down and check "Private Campaign". This will hide your petition from our public lists and Google. Only your distribution network will see your petition.

From your petition toolbox you can also manage your petition's signatures at any time. Signature management includes an edit and delete facility. So you can tailor (edit) your signature list to exclude human spam, bad spelling and mistakes in grammar.

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