I'm getting Facebook responses from everyone on a message that was sent to me. How can I stop this?

When using the Facebook send plugin (button next to recommend) feature on GoPetition, messages are sent to all parties much like an email cc, so as people respond to this initial message, everyone will receive the responses. This can be an issue when sending to a large number of people. GoPetition unfortunately has no control over messages in the Facebook system, so we cannot directly assist with this, but if you are receiving a multiple party facebook message and wish to stop receiving it, you must go to a message within the undesired thread in your Facebook message box (not on the GoPetition site, on Facebook). From there, you can see a tab in the top right of the page that reads, "Actions". It is right beside (to the right) of the "Messages" tab. You should click on the "Actions" tab and scroll down the menu to "Leave Conversation" or "Delete Messages".

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