My petition authorship (name) is appearing in Google. How do I remove it?

If you are a petition author, the first thing you need to do is to log in to your account and access the petition(s) with your name on them. In the petition toolbox settings you have a setting called "petition display name". You need to change this from your actual name to your user name or anonymous. Note that anonymous petitions are far less well supported, so we recommend you use your real name and where this is not possible, your username.

Once your authorship has been updated (by using a username or alias or anon designation), Google will update its listings when the Google index spider next visits the relevant GoPetition petition page(s). This updating process may take several days. So even though your authorship has been updated, Google may display older content for a short time until Google updates itself.

If you are a petition  signer and wish to remove your name from public view at GoPetition (and Google), please read related article below.

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