How do I get people to sign my petition?

Please use our tell a friend facility. You should also raise your issues in forums and discussion groups. You should email as many relevant people as you can. Please also use our social media including our facebook and twitter networks.

You may also find it useful to get relevant web sites to link to your petition. Note that the more web pages with links to your petition, the more search engines will recognize it as an important page and send people to it, so try to get as many web links as you can. Knowledge databases such as sometimes have relevant articles, which can be linked to your petition. You should also search for sites/articles with similar interests to your petition and email the owners, as they will probably link to you.

You may promote your petition using our social bookmarking service. You may peruse the social bookmark icons which are located at the bottom of each petition page. These icons lead to social networking sites where you can promote your petition.

We also recommend that you consider purchasing a sponsored link from GoPetition to place your petition link on one of our high traffic pages. For details, contact us.

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